About binary-system.base-conversion.ro website

What is binary-system.base-conversion.ro?

binary-system.base-conversion.ro is a website that offers the following online conversions tools designed to:

  • convert decimal system (base ten) positive integers numbers (unsigned integers) TO and FROM the unsigned binary (base two)
  • convert decimal system (base ten) signed integers numbers TO and FROM the signed binary
  • convert decimal system positive and negative integers numbers (signed integers) TO and FROM binary in one's complement representation
  • convert decimal system positive and negative integers numbers (signed integers) TO and FROM binary in two's complement representation
  • convert decimal numbers (positive or negative fractions, float or double) TO and FROM 32/64 bit IEEE754 standard single/double precision binary

What is the main purpose of binary-system.base-conversion.ro

binary-system.base-conversion.ro aims at providing users a fast free tool on running the binary conversions described above. This tool can be used both as a tool to simply perform those operations or as an online checking or learning tool.

What can you do?

If you find this website useful, make it known your friends, colleagues, or those you know they need a percentage calculation tool. At the same time, any feedback to improve our service is more than welcomed and in the end helps all the visitors.

What are the means of binary-system.base-conversion.ro

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We thank all our visitors that recommend friends and colleagues binary-system.base-conversion.ro website or come with valuable suggestions. Our site will continue to grow and develop thank to you. :-)

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